Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Intern for Booth Western Arts Museum

The Booth Western Arts Museum (Cartersville, GA) is establishing a series of writers events. They plan to start with the organization of a writers group at their location. They also plan to hold a writers conference, and to have scheduled interaction between interested writers and historical reenactors (period 1860-1895) for those writers to gain detailed insight into subject matter.

Note that the emphasis will be The Old West, so as to take advantage of the extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, and photography in the museum.

They would like to have an intern from the MAPW program assist and give guidance with all this. The intern would help identify key contacts, kindred organizations, and future writer/members. They would also help plan the conference.

Appropriate works (cowboy poetry and short stories) are planned to be published in a new anthology under the museum's name.

Anyone interested in helping us should contact : T.W. Lawrence

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