Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harpur Palate Call for Submissions

We are now calling for submissions for our upcoming issue 13.1! The theme for this issue is country living. We are looking for essays, stories, and poems that take us away from city skyscrapers and closer to the eclectic American countryside. We want to be taken to the apex of an Adirondack Mountain, to the front porch of Aunt Bernice's goat farm, to the bayous of Mississippi. Tell us what it was like to plow a field in the 1900's, what it feels like to milk a cow with your hands. And while you're at it, we've always marveled at the art of fly fishing.

We want to see more than the archetypal moonshiners who drive beat up pick-up trucks, and men who play fiddles that are lost in their beards, so give us more than “hillbilly” stereotypes and “hick” dialogue. Give us essays that will haunt us, stories with raw characters that we cannot forget, and poems that hum with nature. Bring the sounds of the American country alive and surprise us by what we find there.

The deadline is April 15. General submission guidelines apply. Check our blog for more details!<>

Click here to submit electronically<>. 

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