Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Websites Every Poet Should Know

1} Duotrope
 A searchable database of literary magazines and small presses. You can keep track of your submissions (when they were submitted, how long they've been out, etc), your favorite presses and magazines, and check out average response times, upcoming themes, and other useful things.

2} Newpages
Newpages also has a big list of literary magazines and small presses; in addition, they offer a list of writer's blogs, calls for submissions, and reviews on books and literary magazines. It is a great resource for discovering new literary magazines and authors.

3} Poetry Foundation
Poetry Foundation is the website of Poetry Magazine and offers a searchable database of authors and poetry. It has some great articles on there (Harriet the Blog is a must-read for literary news).

4} Poets
Poets is the official website of the Academy of American Poets. You can find ideas for sharing poetry in the classroom, biographical sources on famous poets, and essays and interviews.

5} Poets and Writers
PW, the website for the magazine Poets and Writers, has a little bit of everything--articles, a database of presses, contests, and magazines, even a forum to connect with other writers. 

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