Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Format a Cover Letter When Submitting Your Writing To Magazines (when submitting via snailmail)

Your Name
Your Address

Poetry Editor's Name
Literary Magazine's Name
Literary Magazine Address

Dear Poetry Editor,

Please consider my poems "Title 1," "Title 2," and "Title 3" for Your Literary Magazine. I am studying writing at Your University's Name, and I have recently published in Literary Review, Literary Mag, and Lit Magazine. Big Name Poet's work in your recent issue was truly inspiring.

Thank you for reading my work!


Your Name


A few notes:

1. number of poems: follow the guidelines listed on the magazine's website

2.  If you have publications, list a few of them (three or four is fine). If you do not, tell them that too--magazines like to find new talent.

3. If you are studying writing somewhere, you can list that. 

4. Keep it short and sweet. 

5. Tell them why you are submitting to their magazine--did you recently read a poem in there that you admired? Do you admire their editor, poets previously published, prestige, etc? But if you haven't, don't make one up, obviously.

6. Be Honest.

7. Don't stress about the cover letter too much--the writing is what matters, ultimately.

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